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A unique katana, yours!

Custom Katanas and Iaitos

Murasame, the traditional Japanese sword

The Murasame company has existed for more than 10 years, discover our authentic Murasame katanas, the fruit of our work, in our shops as well as on our website.

We manufacture on demand traditional katanas of exceptions, replicas of old shapes such as Tachi, wakizashi, Prestige Range models (Orishigane blades, noble materials for Tsuka, Tsuba Japan, etc.), as well as a vast range of accessories for the maintenance of your sword.

We repair and maintain your katana. Blade engraving is available for purchase on our website, and our Japanese katanas are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects in traditional Dojo use.

Épée de samouraï

Who are we?

Pascal Monin created the "Murasame" brand in the 2000s. Passionate about Iaï and collectibles, he decided to launch himself into the production of high-end sabers. With his experience he now offers to discover or rediscover the Japanese sword. A true enthusiast for his profession accompanied by blacksmith artisans with whom he works hand in hand.

Since 2018, Michaël, his only son, has joined the Murasame company to accompany Pascal and perpetuate this know-how and this passion for the katana.

The Murasame company moved in 2019 to a 300 m2 premises located in La Chapelle Saint Ursin near Bourges (Centre Val de Loire 

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