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Compose your katana or your iaito according to your wishes!


Didn't find the katana or iaito you were looking for? can have it forged for you!

With the Murasame range, we offer you fully customizable high quality katanas and iaitos.

Manufactured according to Japanese tradition, they are the subject of very particular attention from the forge to assembly and shipping.

The manufacturing time is variable depending on the desired customization.

Each katana / iaito is painstakingly assembled and checked before dispatch.

It will be delivered to you in a very beautiful printed silk cover with its certificate of authenticity.

We offer you :


6 types of blades:

Hand forged 1060 steel (0.60% carbon)

Hand forged 1060 Plié steel (0.95% carbon)

Hand-forged 1095 steel (0.95% carbon) with selective clay tempering with genuine Hamon

Hand forged 1095 Damascus steel (0.95% carbon) with genuine Hamon

Kobuse 1095 and 1060 bent steel with selective clay tempering with genuine Hamon

Sanmai 1095 and 1060 folded steel with selective clay tempering with genuine Hamon

Folded steel  Tahamagane with polishing hazuya stones

Steel San-maï Hybrid (French assembly)


Do you want a steel that we don't have on our site? we can surely have it

Contact us by email for more information.


11 blade lengths

With or without Bo Hi

Standard polished or mirror polished

Not sharp, edged or razor sharp

42 tsubas

12 Fuchi-Kashira

27 sayas

26 colors of ito

4 sageo japan

Do you want a katana quickly? You can go to the katanas-samurai website to see the katanas available.  

Katanas sur mesure Murasame
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